Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wrapping, Wrapping, Wrapping

I have started to wrap for the season - I bought some beautiful beads the last couple of months. So I have been wrapping, wrapping, wrapping. So far I have about 250 knives completed! And the dishes from the estate sales have been plentiful. Lots of beautiful cut glass dishes. I so enjoy going to the estate sales and finding dishes I know my customers will love. I added the Hollyday Fair again this year. I was pleased to be asked back. The complete list of shows is on the right hand side of this blog. If you are looking at the android version go to the full website version to see the dates. I am sad to say that Grandy Farm will not have an open house this year. I know that after 25 Deb wanted a break. But it was a fun show and I always looked forward to hanging out with the artists!